Islands Price Guide


(30 days)





This price guide is maintained by top sellers in the community. DV created this platform to enable other sellers to contribute their own prices which are then averaged.


Individual price guides for each seller can be found by clicking on their name under Top Contributors. You can report price inaccuracies to the seller with the wrong price which will fix the price on the main guide. DV does not have a price guide, please do not report inaccurate prices to him.



79510 Coin Bag
Scam Alert: Do not buy these on public or published servers. They will get deleted.
716,700,000MISCUpdated 3d ago
908100 Coin Bag
Scam Alert: Do not buy these on public or published servers. They will get deleted.
850,000,000MISCUpdated 3d ago
7961000 Coin Bag
Scam Alert: Do not buy these on public or published servers. They will get deleted.
6,500,000MISCUpdated 2d ago
68870's Baby Blue Cabinet
130,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
65770's Baby Blue Cabinet Blueprint
20,000,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
68970's Chair
60,000DECORUpdated 2d ago
65870's Chair Blueprint
18,300,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
85770's Lime Table
32,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
85870's Lime Table Blueprint
20,000,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
69070's Rug
42,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
66070's Rug Blueprint
18,300,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
69170's Single Bed
72,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
66170's Single Bed Blueprint
18,300,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
20BLOCKSUpdated 3d ago
520Ancient Slime String
1,300MISCUpdated 1d ago
70Ancient Stool
12,700DECORUpdated 3d ago
71Ancient Street Lamp
62,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
72Ancient Table
83,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
73Ancient Wall Light
3,700DECORUpdated 1d ago
163And Gate
12,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
181Animal Bench
40,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
342Animal Nametag
9,200ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
343Animal Well-Being Kit
130,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
4,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 11d ago
40CROPSUpdated 3d ago
262Apple Pie
300FOODUpdated 7d ago
505Apple Tree
13,700LUMBERUpdated 12d ago
729Aquamarine Banner
15,800DECORUpdated 1d ago
377Aquamarine Block
2,200BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
987Aquamarine Brick
1,700BLOCKSUpdated 3d ago
378Aquamarine Brick Slab
800BLOCKSUpdated 11d ago
379Aquamarine Brick Stair
700BLOCKSUpdated 3d ago
935Aquamarine Potted Plant
9,200DECORUpdated 3d ago
27Aquamarine Shard
500MINERALSUpdated 2d ago
380Aquamarine Slab
500BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
381Aquamarine Stair
600BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
2Aquamarine Sword
90,000COMBATUpdated 1d ago
992Aquamarine Totem
92,000TOTEMSUpdated 3d ago
300COMBATUpdated 2d ago
3Artifact Bow
38,000COMBATUpdated 2d ago
897Automated Trough
162,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 2d ago
40CROPSUpdated 22d ago
263Avocado Toast
400FOODUpdated 13d ago
553Avocado Tree Sapling
8,200LUMBERUpdated 2d ago
692Bacon Beach Towel
27,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
662Bacon Beach Towel Blueprint
19,000,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
3,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 2d ago
799Baked Potato
300FOODUpdated 31d ago
5CROPSUpdated 2d ago
382Bamboo Blocks
60BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
74Bamboo Plant
3,700DECORUpdated 2d ago
747Banner Workbench
5,300TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
24,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
663Barbecue Blueprint
20,000,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
4Basic Bow
13,000COMBATUpdated 2d ago
184Basic Workbench
900TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
694Beach Ball
33,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
664Beach Ball Blueprint
19,300,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
695Beach Chair
37,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
665Beach Chair Blueprint
20,000,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
696Beach Table
35,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
666Beach Table Blueprint
20,000,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
697Beach Umbrella
43,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
667Beach Umbrella Blueprint
20,000,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
344Bee Jar
300ANIMALSUpdated 2d ago
63,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
264Berry Dough
90FOODUpdated 32d ago
950Berry Pie
300FOODUpdated 27d ago
383Birch Fence
600BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
928Birch Pallet
2,800LUMBERUpdated 2d ago
384Birch Plank
300BLOCKSUpdated 14d ago
506Birch Sapling
400LUMBERUpdated 27d ago
76Birch Sign
200DECORUpdated 2d ago
385Birch Slab
200BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
386Birch Stair
200BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
507Birch Wood
600LUMBERUpdated 1d ago
560Black Carpet
1,700BLOCKSUpdated today
570Black Clay
4,200BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
979Black Glass
4,000BLOCKSUpdated 24d ago
972Black Glass Pane
4,000BLOCKSUpdated 24d ago
647Black Hibiscus
6,800FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
649Black Lily
3,800FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
345Black Truffle
500ANIMALSUpdated 32d ago
580Black Wool
4,400BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
40CROPSUpdated 5d ago
994Blackberry Seeds
470,000CROPSUpdated 1d ago
999Blackberry Totem
22,000TOTEMSUpdated 4d ago
859Blue Beach Towel
28,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
949Blue Beach Towel Blueprint
20,000,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
387Blue Bush
10,300BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
388Blue Carpet
1,500BLOCKSUpdated today
567Blue Clay
6,000BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
389Blue Coral
20BLOCKSUpdated 22d ago
541Blue Firefly Jar
93,000ANIMALSUpdated 2d ago
77Blue Flower Plant
13,300DECORUpdated 2d ago
390Blue Flower Pot
8,700BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
391Blue Glass Block
6,200BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
392Blue Glass Pane
4,000BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
635Blue Hibiscus
5,300FLOWERSUpdated today
641Blue Hyacinth
8,000FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
293Blue Jukebox Disk
2,700INDUSTRIALUpdated 2d ago
639Blue Lily
14,700FLOWERSUpdated 2d ago
393Blue Maple Bush
15,500BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
638Blue Rose
666,900,000FLOWERSUpdated 13d ago
522Blue Slime Ball
500MISCUpdated 2d ago
861Blue Slime Block
14,500BLOCKSUpdated 30d ago
521Blue Sticky Gear
5,000MISCUpdated 2d ago
477Blue Tang
30ANIMALSUpdated 2d ago
573Blue Wool
7,700BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
40CROPSUpdated 4d ago
995Blueberry Seed
420,000CROPSUpdated 1d ago
1000Blueberry Totem
16,700TOTEMSUpdated 4d ago
294Bolt Factory Mold
400,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 2d ago
100MISCUpdated 3d ago
841Bone Block
1,800BLOCKSUpdated 4d ago
849Bongo Drum
13,300TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 30d ago
78Bonsai Plant
18,300DECORUpdated 2d ago
107,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
668Bookshelf Blueprint
19,000,000DECORUpdated 2d ago
100FOODUpdated 3d ago
185Brewing Stand
370,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 2d ago
200BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
395Brick Slab
100BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
396Brick Stair
100BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
346Brown Frog
9,800ANIMALSUpdated 2d ago
754Brown Rabbit
4,700ANIMALSUpdated 2d ago
300ANIMALSUpdated 2d ago
28Buffalkor Crystal
107,000MINERALSUpdated 2d ago
161Buffalkor Portal
2,800,000MISCUpdated 2d ago
523Buffalkor Shard
2,400,000MISCUpdated 2d ago
79Bunk Bed
88,000DECORUpdated 2d ago
6,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 8d ago
300CROPSUpdated 2d ago
957Cactus Plant
7,000DECORUpdated 2d ago
232Cactus Seed
210,000CROPSUpdated 2d ago
6Cactus Spike
12,700COMBATUpdated 3d ago
7Cactus Spike Blueprint
8,300,000COMBATUpdated 1d ago
80Caged Candle Ceiling Light
5,300DECORUpdated 30d ago
800INDUSTRIALUpdated 23d ago
2,000DECORUpdated 2d ago
867Candy Apple
500FOODUpdated 30d ago
6,000ANIMALSUpdated 15d ago
1,000BLOCKSUpdated today
30CROPSUpdated 22d ago
266Carrot Cake
300FOODUpdated 32d ago
267Carrot Cake Batter
60FOODUpdated 32d ago
234Carrot Seeds
500CROPSUpdated 2d ago
494Carrot Totem
4,800TOTEMSUpdated 23d ago
20ANIMALSUpdated 31d ago
81Ceiling Fan
2,700DECORUpdated 23d ago
2,300DECORUpdated 23d ago
300FOODUpdated 23d ago
47,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
348Chicken Egg Tier 1
5,300ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
349Chicken Egg Tier 2
75,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
350Chicken Egg Tier 3
980,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
351Chicken Nest
12,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
873Chilli Pepper
2,000CROPSUpdated 2d ago
872Chilli Pepper Seeds
420,000CROPSUpdated 1d ago
269Chocolate Bar
25,000FOODUpdated 2d ago
187Christmas Shovel
56,700,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 2d ago
55Circular Ceiling Light
3,800DECORUpdated 21d ago
100MINERALSUpdated 2d ago
495Clay Totem
8,200TOTEMSUpdated 21d ago
874Cletus Lucky Plow
2,300,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 2d ago
870Cletus Lucky Sickle
2,200,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 2d ago
871Cletus Lucky Watering Can
2,900,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 2d ago
6,000ANIMALSUpdated 2d ago
188Cloth Loom
67,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
40ANIMALSUpdated 21d ago
10MINERALSUpdated 22d ago
398Coal Block
400BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
165Coal Generator
6,700INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
496Coal Totem
2,300TOTEMSUpdated 27d ago
60CROPSUpdated 11d ago
189Coloring Station
37,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 2d ago
18,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 2d ago
8,300INDUSTRIALUpdated 21d ago
297Conveyer Ramp
31,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 2d ago
298Conveyor Belt
22,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 2d ago
885Conveyor Ramp Tier 2
190,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
883Conveyor Tier 2
178,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
190Cooking Table
15,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 15d ago
32Copper Bolt
5,100MINERALSUpdated 1d ago
33Copper Ingot
800MINERALSUpdated 1d ago
34Copper Ore
30MINERALSUpdated 2d ago
35Copper Plate
62,000MINERALSUpdated 1d ago
308Copper Press
190,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 14d ago
36Copper Rod
11,700MINERALSUpdated 1d ago
353Cow Egg Tier 1
4,200ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
354Cow Egg Tier 2
71,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
355Cow Egg Tier 3
970,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
916Crate of Apples
5,800CROPSUpdated 21d ago
917Crate of Avocados
8,000CROPSUpdated 21d ago
780Crate of Carrots
5,700CROPSUpdated 21d ago
918Crate of Coconuts
12,500CROPSUpdated 21d ago
919Crate of Kiwis
6,300CROPSUpdated 32d ago
920Crate of Lemons
5,800CROPSUpdated 32d ago
784Crate of Melons
16,300CROPSUpdated 1d ago
781Crate of Onions
5,200CROPSUpdated 31d ago
921Crate of Oranges
6,000CROPSUpdated 32d ago
779Crate of Potatoes
2,300CROPSUpdated 31d ago
783Crate of Pumpkins
7,400CROPSUpdated 31d ago
785Crate of Radishes
10,000CROPSUpdated 22d ago
782Crate of Starfruit
7,300CROPSUpdated 31d ago
778Crate of Tomatoes
4,700CROPSUpdated 2d ago
777Crate of Wheat
1,500CROPSUpdated 31d ago
776Crate Packer
9,200INDUSTRIALUpdated 19d ago
889Crate Packer Tier 2
1,300,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
80BLOCKSUpdated 25d ago
829Crystalized Obsidian
5,700MINERALSUpdated 2d ago
37Crystallized Aquamarine
127,000MINERALSUpdated 2d ago
38Crystallized Gold
35,000MINERALSUpdated 2d ago
39Crystallized Iron
32,000MINERALSUpdated 2d ago
This is a skin of Aquamarine Sword
9,300,000COMBATUpdated 3d ago
557Cyan Carpet
1,500BLOCKSUpdated today
948Cyan Clay
5,600BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
629Cyan Daisy
6,700FLOWERSUpdated 4d ago
983Cyan Glass
4,200BLOCKSUpdated 16d ago
976Cyan Glass Pane
4,000BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
631Cyan Hyacinth
4,200FLOWERSUpdated 16d ago
633Cyan Lily
4,800FLOWERSUpdated 7d ago
577Cyan Wool
6,900BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
556Dark Green Carpet
1,700BLOCKSUpdated today
565Dark Green Clay
4,900BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
615Dark Green Daffodil
4,900FLOWERSUpdated 7d ago
617Dark Green Daisy
240,000FLOWERSUpdated 6d ago
982Dark Green Glass
4,500BLOCKSUpdated 16d ago
975Dark Green Glass Pane
4,000BLOCKSUpdated 24d ago
620Dark Green Lily
3,700FLOWERSUpdated 3d ago
576Dark Green Wool
5,900BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
400Dead Bush
200BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
82Decorated Street Lamp
5,000DECORUpdated 23d ago
864Desert Chest
320,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
865Desert Furnace
250,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 16d ago
158Desert Portal
5,500,000MISCUpdated 15d ago
524Desert Shard
3,900,000MISCUpdated 8d ago
270Deviled Eggs
800FOODUpdated 32d ago
15,800MINERALSUpdated 8d ago
191Diamond Axe
950,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 15d ago
401Diamond Block
198,000BLOCKSUpdated 11d ago
9Diamond Great Sword
8,700,000COMBATUpdated 3d ago
162Diamond Mine Portal
20,300,000MISCUpdated 3d ago
525Diamond Mine Shard
6,000,000MISCUpdated 1d ago
192Diamond Pickaxe
920,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 11d ago
193Diamond Sickle
470,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
10Diamond War Hammer
8,700,000COMBATUpdated 3d ago
56Double Street Lamp
9,800DECORUpdated 21d ago
20FOODUpdated 32d ago
993Downwards Conveyor Ramp
35,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 5d ago
971Dragon Pet Spawn Egg
19,300,000ANIMALSUpdated 16d ago
508Dried Bamboo
70LUMBERUpdated 21d ago
718Dried Bamboo Block
300BLOCKSUpdated 16d ago
402Dried Grass
100BLOCKSUpdated 25d ago
200,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 14d ago
912DV Trophy
1,367,000,000DECORUpdated 5d ago
500ANIMALSUpdated 31d ago
200ANIMALSUpdated 32d ago
167Electrical Workbench
60,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 8d ago
900MINERALSUpdated 16d ago
733Elephant Banner
13,000DECORUpdated 4d ago
474Empty Potion Bottle
20COMBATUpdated 11d ago
41Enchanted Diamond
650,000MINERALSUpdated 11d ago
648Fertile Black Hibiscus
220,000FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
650Fertile Black Lily
103,000FLOWERSUpdated 8d ago
636Fertile Blue Hibiscus
113,000FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
642Fertile Blue Hyacinth
14,000FLOWERSUpdated 16d ago
640Fertile Blue Lily
6,700FLOWERSUpdated 4d ago
637Fertile Blue Rose
10,100FLOWERSUpdated today
630Fertile Cyan Daisy
480,000FLOWERSUpdated today
632Fertile Cyan Hyacinth
160,000FLOWERSUpdated 4d ago
634Fertile Cyan Lily
197,000FLOWERSUpdated 16d ago
616Fertile Dark Green Daffodil
117,000FLOWERSUpdated today
618Fertile Dark Green Daisy
370,000FLOWERSUpdated today
619Fertile Dark Green Lily
210,000FLOWERSUpdated 16d ago
622Fertile Light Green Daffodil
142,000FLOWERSUpdated 7d ago
626Fertile Light Green Daisy
380,000FLOWERSUpdated today
624Fertile Light Green Hibiscus
210,000FLOWERSUpdated today
628Fertile Light Green Hyacinth
87,000FLOWERSUpdated 4d ago
601Fertile Orange Daffodil
220,000FLOWERSUpdated 7d ago
600Fertile Orange Hibiscus
410,000FLOWERSUpdated today
604Fertile Orange Hyacinth
143,000FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
652Fertile Pink Daffodil
320,000FLOWERSUpdated today
654Fertile Pink Hibiscus
360,000FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
656Fertile Pink Rose
330,000FLOWERSUpdated 7d ago
644Fertile Purple Hibiscus
570,000FLOWERSUpdated 4d ago
646Fertile Purple Rose
210,000FLOWERSUpdated today
597Fertile Red Daffodil
400,000FLOWERSUpdated today
590Fertile Red Daisy
3,100FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
591Fertile Red Hyacinth
5,000FLOWERSUpdated 16d ago
594Fertile Red Lily
3,200FLOWERSUpdated 4d ago
596Fertile Red Rose
10,800FLOWERSUpdated today
583Fertile White Daffodil
230,000FLOWERSUpdated today
586Fertile White Daisy
72,000FLOWERSUpdated today
587Fertile White Hibiscus
290,000FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
582Fertile White Rose
35,000FLOWERSUpdated 7d ago
606Fertile Yellow Daffodil
153,000FLOWERSUpdated today
608Fertile Yellow Daisy
3,100FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
612Fertile Yellow Hyacinth
15,800FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
609Fertile Yellow Lily
2,200FLOWERSUpdated today
357Fertility Potion
14,000ANIMALSUpdated 22d ago
42,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 7d ago
914Filter Conveyer
197,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 14d ago
1,300DECORUpdated 27d ago
57Firefly Garden Light
3,200DECORUpdated 2d ago
58Firefly Lantern
7,200DECORUpdated 14d ago
59Firefly Wall Lamp
5,700DECORUpdated 14d ago
37,000DECORUpdated 15d ago
669Fireplace Blueprint
16,700,000DECORUpdated 24d ago
195Firework Barrel
3,300TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 15d ago
168Firework Launcher
40,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 8d ago
84Fish Banner
5,500,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
85Fish Festival Trophy
170,000,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
86Fish Tank Anchor
4,000DECORUpdated 14d ago
87Fish Tank Anchor Blueprint
15,700DECORUpdated 14d ago
88Fish Tank Castle
4,200DECORUpdated 14d ago
89Fish Tank Castle Blueprint
15,300DECORUpdated 14d ago
90Fish Tank Shipwreck
5,000DECORUpdated 14d ago
91Fish Tank Shipwreck Blueprint
15,300DECORUpdated 14d ago
92Fish Tank Treasure Chest
14,300DECORUpdated 27d ago
93Fish Tank Treasure Chest Blueprint
13,700DECORUpdated 27d ago
700Flat Red Bed
150,000DECORUpdated 15d ago
670Flat Red Bed Blueprint
18,200,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
196Floral Bench
2,300TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 2d ago
60Flourescent Light
2,300DECORUpdated 21d ago
955Flower Pot (Box)
28,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
956Flower Pot (Layers)
23,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
954Flower Pot (Round)
23,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
953Flower Pot (Tall & Skinny)
28,000DECORUpdated 14d ago
11Formula 86
1,100,000COMBATUpdated 1d ago
526Frost Slimeball
4,300MISCUpdated 27d ago
893Fuel Barrel Extracter
400,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 4d ago
894Fuel Barrel Filler
8,200,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 12d ago
197Furniture Bench
4,700TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 15d ago
1,800,000MINERALSUpdated 1d ago
198Gilded Steel Axe
66,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
12Gilded Steel Hammer
380,000COMBATUpdated 6d ago
199Gilded Steel Pickaxe
66,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
43Gilded Steel Rod
28,000MINERALSUpdated today
200Gilded Steel Sickle
26,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 15d ago
403Glass Block
30BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
404Glass Pane
20BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
94Godzilla Trophy
1,300,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
1,200MINERALSUpdated 6d ago
405Gold Block
18,000BLOCKSUpdated 15d ago
45Gold Ore
400MINERALSUpdated 21d ago
527Gold Skorp Claw
4,300MISCUpdated 31d ago
528Gold Skorp Scale
700MISCUpdated 16d ago
95Golden Toilet
30,000DECORUpdated 27d ago
87,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
30CROPSUpdated 21d ago
272Grape Jam
100FOODUpdated 32d ago
237Grape Seeds
2,500CROPSUpdated 21d ago
3BLOCKSUpdated 22d ago
6BLOCKSUpdated 22d ago
542Green Firefly Jar
24,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
358Green Frog
900ANIMALSUpdated 14d ago
300Green Jukebox Disk
11,700INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
530Green Slime Ball
40MISCUpdated 22d ago
860Green Slime Block
2,900BLOCKSUpdated 30d ago
529Green Sticky Gear
1,900MISCUpdated 2d ago
200ANIMALSUpdated 31d ago
744Guardian Banner
18,700DECORUpdated 15d ago
32,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 30d ago
752Halcyon View Painting
38,000DECORUpdated 31d ago
61Hanging Lantern
7,300DECORUpdated 21d ago
805Hanging Spirit Light
450,000DECORUpdated 8d ago
14Hardened Bow Limb
16,700COMBATUpdated 14d ago
359Hay Bed
3,800ANIMALSUpdated 21d ago
12,700BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
97Hedge Plant
5,700DECORUpdated 27d ago
409Hickory Fence
900BLOCKSUpdated 25d ago
929Hickory Pallet
5,500LUMBERUpdated 39d ago
410Hickory Plank
300BLOCKSUpdated 14d ago
509Hickory Sapling
1,800LUMBERUpdated 28d ago
98Hickory Sign
700DECORUpdated 21d ago
411Hickory Slab
100BLOCKSUpdated 25d ago
412Hickory Stair
200BLOCKSUpdated 25d ago
510Hickory Wood
1,400LUMBERUpdated 11d ago
751Hillside Hut Painting
38,000DECORUpdated 31d ago
413Honey Block
2,500BLOCKSUpdated 25d ago
201Honey Press
29,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
274Honey Toast
500FOODUpdated 32d ago
300FOODUpdated 32d ago
414Honeycomb Block
2,300BLOCKSUpdated 14d ago
60BLOCKSUpdated 25d ago
11,000BLOCKSUpdated 3d ago
940Indigo Jukebox Disk
1,500,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 15d ago
301Industrial Chest
43,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 14d ago
1006Industrial Flower Picker
630,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
302Industrial Food Processor
70,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 14d ago
321Industrial Lumbermill
32,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 15d ago
1007Industrial Merchant Teleseller
41,000,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 4d ago
322Industrial Milker
92,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 8d ago
303Industrial Oven
40,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 14d ago
756Industrial Polishing Station
470,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
304Industrial Sawmill
57,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 11d ago
305Industrial Smelter
1,500,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
306Industrial Stonecutter
162,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 11d ago
307Industrial Washing Station
620,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
969Infernal Dragon Egg
1,200,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
970Infernal Fish
3,200ANIMALSUpdated 26d ago
309Input/Output Chest
102,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
1004Input/output Chest Tier 2
1,800,000INDUSTRIALUpdated today
848Instrument Workbench
5,300TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 15d ago
300MINERALSUpdated 6d ago
202Iron Axe
1,200TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 15d ago
417Iron Block
2,900BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
99Iron Door
4,000DECORUpdated 27d ago
100Iron Fence
500DECORUpdated 27d ago
205Iron Fishing Rod
38,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
47Iron Ore
20MINERALSUpdated 13d ago
203Iron Pickaxe
10,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
204Iron Sickle
2,500TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
531Iron Skorp Scale
100MISCUpdated 31d ago
855Iron Sword
7,700COMBATUpdated 4d ago
497Iron Totem
3,500TOTEMSUpdated 21d ago
15Iron War Axe
65,000COMBATUpdated 7d ago
540Islands Anniversary Cake
830,000DECORUpdated 2d ago
797Item Port
Price NeededTOTEMS
789Jack 0 Lantern
33,000BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
275Jam Sandwich
400FOODUpdated 32d ago
276Jar Of Honey
200FOODUpdated 20d ago
6,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 21d ago
745Jungle Banner
6,800DECORUpdated 1d ago
11,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
732King Banner
11,900DECORUpdated 1d ago
701King's Blue Bed
160,000DECORUpdated 14d ago
671King's Blue Bed Blueprint
18,200,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
80CROPSUpdated 30d ago
847Kiwi Tree Sapling
192,000LUMBERUpdated 1d ago
101Kong Trophy
1,300,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
549Kong's Axe
1,200,000COMBATUpdated 2d ago
500BLOCKSUpdated 25d ago
62Lamp Post
6,700DECORUpdated 8d ago
3,700DECORUpdated 2d ago
1003Large Chest
1,300,000INDUSTRIALUpdated today
922Large Crate of Apples
15,500CROPSUpdated 27d ago
923Large Crate of Avocados
23,000CROPSUpdated 27d ago
902Large Crate of Carrots
11,000CROPSUpdated 7d ago
924Large Crate of Coconuts
31,000CROPSUpdated 27d ago
925Large Crate of Kiwis
18,200CROPSUpdated 27d ago
926Large Crate of Lemons
15,800CROPSUpdated 40d ago
906Large Crate of Melons
40,000CROPSUpdated 1d ago
903Large Crate of Onions
13,500CROPSUpdated 27d ago
927Large Crate of Oranges
15,800CROPSUpdated 27d ago
901Large Crate of Potatoes
5,700CROPSUpdated 7d ago
905Large Crate of Pumpkins
22,000CROPSUpdated 27d ago
907Large Crate of Radishes
24,000CROPSUpdated 27d ago
904Large Crate of Starfruit
20,000CROPSUpdated 27d ago
900Large Crate of Tomatoes
4,300CROPSUpdated 7d ago
899Large Crate of Wheat
3,500CROPSUpdated 7d ago
102Large Display Case
23,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
546Large Firework
2,500COMBATUpdated 1d ago
702Large Red Bed
177,000DECORUpdated 8d ago
672Large Red Bed Blueprint
17,700,000DECORUpdated 8d ago
986Lava Bucket
600ANIMALSUpdated 21d ago
996Leaf Block
3,000BLOCKSUpdated 5d ago
207Leaf Clippers
2,700TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
100FLOWERSUpdated 2d ago
103Leaves Plant
2,500DECORUpdated 21d ago
169LED Light
11,700INDUSTRIALUpdated 8d ago
311Left Conveyer Belt
15,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 9d ago
884Left Conveyor Tier 2
94,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 9d ago
489Legacy Food Processor
1,800,000,000MISCUpdated 30d ago
70CROPSUpdated 32d ago
277Lemon Bread
300FOODUpdated 32d ago
278Lemon Bread Dough
300FOODUpdated 32d ago
866Lemon Puff
1,100FOODUpdated 30d ago
511Lemon Tree
16,700LUMBERUpdated 12d ago
740Life Banner
19,200DECORUpdated 14d ago
555Light Green Carpet
1,600BLOCKSUpdated today
566Light Green Clay
4,300BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
621Light Green Daffodil
4,300FLOWERSUpdated today
625Light Green Daisy
5,800FLOWERSUpdated 31d ago
981Light Green Glass
4,000BLOCKSUpdated 24d ago
974Light Green Glass Pane
4,000BLOCKSUpdated 24d ago
623Light Green Hibiscus
400,000FLOWERSUpdated 31d ago
627Light Green Hyacinth
3,700FLOWERSUpdated 4d ago
575Light Green Wool
5,600BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
208Lighting Station
7,300TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 2d ago
46,000FOODUpdated 7d ago
104Long Modern Street Lamp
6,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
736Lotus Banner
21,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
731Lovely Cow Banner
12,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
730Lucky Banner
19,700DECORUpdated 1d ago
737Lunar Banner
15,700DECORUpdated 1d ago
105Luxury Bathtub
4,300,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
106Luxury Candle
42,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
107Luxury Ceiling Light
43,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
988Luxury Egg Sculpture
10,000,000DECORUpdated 8d ago
108Luxury Lamp
47,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
109Luxury Sink
70,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
110Luxury Sofa
93,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
111Luxury Street Lamp
900,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
112Luxury Table
93,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
113Luxury Wall Light
45,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
967Magma Block
3,200BLOCKSUpdated 14d ago
3,300TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
419Maple Fence
800BLOCKSUpdated 25d ago
420Maple Hedge
11,300BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
997Maple Leaf Block
3,500BLOCKSUpdated 5d ago
261Maple Leaves
200FLOWERSUpdated 2d ago
931Maple Pallet
3,500LUMBERUpdated 39d ago
421Maple Plank
200BLOCKSUpdated 14d ago
512Maple Sapling
900LUMBERUpdated 31d ago
114Maple Sign
200DECORUpdated 32d ago
422Maple Slab
100BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
423Maple Stair
100BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
513Maple Wood
900LUMBERUpdated 1d ago
700BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
750Marble Brick
1,100BLOCKSUpdated 14d ago
749Marble Brick Slab
300BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
748Marble Brick Stair
200BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
425Marble Column
500BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
426Marble Slab
300BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
427Marble Stair
200BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
791Marble Totem
19,300TOTEMSUpdated 21d ago
280Mayonnaise Jar
500FOODUpdated 32d ago
206Mayonnaise Spinner
52,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
312Medium Chest
50,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 8d ago
547Medium Firework
1,500COMBATUpdated 25d ago
115Medium Fish Tank
107,000DECORUpdated 14d ago
27,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 30d ago
71,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 18d ago
360Metal Trough
40,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
361Milk Bucket
400ANIMALSUpdated 32d ago
116Mini Fishing Pond
4,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
117Modern Bench
3,100DECORUpdated 32d ago
118Modern Bottom Cabinet
4,800DECORUpdated 32d ago
958Modern Ceiling Light
2,500DECORUpdated 32d ago
119Modern Fridge
1,400DECORUpdated 32d ago
120Modern Lounge Chair
30,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
121Modern Oven
3,700DECORUpdated 32d ago
122Modern Skinny Ceiling Light
1,400DECORUpdated 8d ago
123Modern Sofa
52,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
124Modern Stool
15,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
125Modern Top Cabinet
5,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
959Modern Torus Ceiling Light
3,200DECORUpdated 32d ago
126Moon Light
5,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
428Mossy Stone Brick
80BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
362Mud Pile
900ANIMALSUpdated 8d ago
941Mundane Daisy
60FLOWERSUpdated 27d ago
942Mundane Hibiscus
90FLOWERSUpdated 39d ago
943Mundane Hyacinth
90FLOWERSUpdated 15d ago
944Mundane Lily
40FLOWERSUpdated 3d ago
945Mundane Rose
80FLOWERSUpdated 27d ago
300BLOCKSUpdated 27d ago
430Mushroom Block
6,300BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
127Mushroom Plant
5,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
824Neon Black
19,700BLOCKSUpdated today
816Neon Blue
22,000BLOCKSUpdated today
817Neon Cyan
24,000BLOCKSUpdated today
818Neon Dark Green
23,000BLOCKSUpdated today
819Neon Light Green
22,000BLOCKSUpdated today
820Neon Orange
20,000BLOCKSUpdated today
821Neon Pink
22,000BLOCKSUpdated today
822Neon Purple
26,000BLOCKSUpdated today
823Neon Red
20,000BLOCKSUpdated today
815Neon White
20,000BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
825Neon Yellow
18,300BLOCKSUpdated today
500TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
431Oak Fence
600BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
930Oak Pallet
1,000LUMBERUpdated 39d ago
432Oak Plank
200BLOCKSUpdated 14d ago
514Oak Sapling
40LUMBERUpdated 31d ago
128Oak Sign
100DECORUpdated 32d ago
433Oak Slab
90BLOCKSUpdated 27d ago
434Oak Stair
90BLOCKSUpdated 27d ago
129Oak Walkway
200DECORUpdated 32d ago
515Oak Wood
600LUMBERUpdated 1d ago
313Obby Checkpoint Flag
16,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 21d ago
314Obby Finish Flag
15,500INDUSTRIALUpdated 21d ago
210Obby Kit
4,700TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
315Obby Leaderboard
72,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 21d ago
316Obby Start Flag
27,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 2d ago
500MINERALSUpdated 30d ago
845Obsidian Greatsword
910,000COMBATUpdated 1d ago
844Obsidian Hilt
960,000COMBATUpdated 30d ago
989Obsidian Totem
400,000TOTEMSUpdated 4d ago
877Oil Barrel
7,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 9d ago
879Oil Refinery
1,000,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
888Oil Tank
55,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
239Oily Carrot
9CROPSUpdated 32d ago
240Oily Onion
10CROPSUpdated 32d ago
241Oily Potato
3CROPSUpdated 32d ago
242Oily Tomato
2CROPSUpdated 28d ago
40CROPSUpdated 32d ago
244Onion Seeds
2,100CROPSUpdated 32d ago
498Onion Totems
6,800TOTEMSUpdated 31d ago
21,000MINERALSUpdated 6d ago
963Opal Axe
3,000,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated today
965Opal Axe Hilt
1,800,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 3d ago
962Opal Pickaxe
3,700,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
964Opal Pickaxe Hilt
2,800,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 3d ago
966Opal Sword Hilt
3,400,000COMBATUpdated 3d ago
842Opened Treasure Chest
7,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 11d ago
170Or Gate
15,700INDUSTRIALUpdated 8d ago
90CROPSUpdated 32d ago
281Orange Cake
300FOODUpdated 32d ago
282Orange Cake Batter
300FOODUpdated 32d ago
283Orange Candy
46,000FOODUpdated 7d ago
554Orange Carpet
1,900BLOCKSUpdated today
563Orange Clay
4,700BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
602Orange Daffodil
4,400FLOWERSUpdated today
980Orange Glass
4,500BLOCKSUpdated 24d ago
973Orange Glass Pane
4,000BLOCKSUpdated 24d ago
599Orange Hibiscus
4,900FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
284Orange Honeycomb
400FOODUpdated 32d ago
603Orange Hyacinth
5,400FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
317Orange Jukebox Disk
33,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
516Orange Tree
15,000LUMBERUpdated 12d ago
574Orange Wool
6,400BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
703Outdoor Bench
60,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
673Outdoor Bench Blueprint
17,800,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
704Outdoor Chair
42,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
674Outdoor Chair Blueprint
18,500,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
705Outdoor Stool
52,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
675Outdoor Stool Blueprint
18,200,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
706Outdoor Table
43,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
676Outdoor Table Blueprint
17,300,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
915Pallet Packer
1,300,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 17d ago
517Palm Tree Sapling
530,000LUMBERUpdated 8d ago
853Pan Flute
18,300TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 30d ago
826Patrick Star Trophy
900,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
4,500MISCUpdated 1d ago
30DECORUpdated 9d ago
898Petrified Petroleum
2,000MINERALSUpdated 9d ago
878Petroleum Barrel
7,500INDUSTRIALUpdated 9d ago
892Petroleum Petrifier
1,300,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 16d ago
887Petroleum Tank
57,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
753Picnic Painting
40,000DECORUpdated 31d ago
707Picnic Table
82,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
677Picnic Table Blueprint
17,300,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
739Pig Banner
14,200DECORUpdated 1d ago
363Pig Egg Tier 1
6,000ANIMALSUpdated 21d ago
364Pig Egg Tier 2
90,000ANIMALSUpdated 21d ago
365Pig Egg Tier 3
950,000ANIMALSUpdated 21d ago
131Pine Door
1,800DECORUpdated 32d ago
435Pine Fence
800BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
933Pine Pallet
1,800LUMBERUpdated 39d ago
436Pine Plank
200BLOCKSUpdated 14d ago
518Pine Sapling
200LUMBERUpdated 28d ago
132Pine Sign
700DECORUpdated 32d ago
437Pine Slab
100BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
438Pine Stair
100BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
519Pine Wood
700LUMBERUpdated 8d ago
559Pink Carpet
1,800BLOCKSUpdated today
569Pink Clay
5,700BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
439Pink Coral
30BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
651Pink Daffodil
4,800FLOWERSUpdated today
985Pink Glass
4,500BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
978Pink Glass Pane
4,300BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
653Pink Hibiscus
4,800FLOWERSUpdated 31d ago
133Pink Lounge Chair
38,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
787Pink Rabbit
1,667,000,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
655Pink Rose
4,300FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
534Pink Slime Ball
5,800MISCUpdated 3d ago
862Pink Slime Block
97,000BLOCKSUpdated 30d ago
134Pink Sofa
82,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
533Pink Sticky Gear
450,000MISCUpdated 2d ago
135Pink Stool
16,700DECORUpdated 32d ago
579Pink Wool
6,800BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
2,700INDUSTRIALUpdated 19d ago
882Pipe Junction
8,500INDUSTRIALUpdated 19d ago
833Pirate Barrel
15,200DECORUpdated 1d ago
832Pirate Cannon
2,800,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
834Pirate Chair
510,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
835Pirate Chandelier
16,300DECORUpdated 18d ago
863Pirate Globe
107,000DECORUpdated 18d ago
836Pirate Lamp
21,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
838Pirate Ship
880,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
837Pirate Ship Wheel
17,200DECORUpdated 1d ago
839Pirate Table
410,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
200FOODUpdated 32d ago
318Plate Factory Mold
2,100,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
70TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
60CROPSUpdated 4d ago
1002Plum Tree Sapling
8,000LUMBERUpdated 5d ago
757Polishing Station
230,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
492Portal Crystal
83,300,000MISCUpdated 3d ago
25,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
20CROPSUpdated 32d ago
286Potato Salad
600FOODUpdated 32d ago
247Potato Seeds
200CROPSUpdated 28d ago
499Potato Totem
4,800TOTEMSUpdated 27d ago
137Potted Tree
300DECORUpdated 32d ago
212Pottery Bench
950,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 15d ago
500,000MISCUpdated 2d ago
480,000MISCUpdated 1d ago
830Puffer Fish
1,400ANIMALSUpdated 30d ago
1,000,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
50CROPSUpdated 32d ago
249Pumpkin Seed
50,000CROPSUpdated 2d ago
794Pumpkin Totem
12,300TOTEMSUpdated 27d ago
558Purple Carpet
2,700BLOCKSUpdated today
568Purple Clay
15,200BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
543Purple Firefly Jar
1,000,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
984Purple Glass
10,000BLOCKSUpdated 17d ago
977Purple Glass Pane
4,500BLOCKSUpdated 24d ago
643Purple Hibiscus
12,500FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
319Purple Jukebox Disk
30,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
645Purple Rose
11,300FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
578Purple Wool
14,000BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
138PVP Alpha Trophy
4,500,000DECORUpdated 2d ago
60CROPSUpdated 32d ago
251Radish Seeds
61,000CROPSUpdated 4d ago
793Radish Totem
11,200TOTEMSUpdated 27d ago
990,000COMBATUpdated 1d ago
17Rageblade Blueprint
3,300,000COMBATUpdated 1d ago
53,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 17d ago
139RBB Trophy
920,000DECORUpdated 2d ago
229Red Berry
30CROPSUpdated 22d ago
230Red Berry Seeds
3,300CROPSUpdated 2d ago
998Red Berry Totem
15,000TOTEMSUpdated 4d ago
48Red Bronze Ingot
73,000MINERALSUpdated 3d ago
324Red Bronze Refinery
1,200,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 18d ago
440Red Bush
13,500BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
441Red Carpet
2,000BLOCKSUpdated today
562Red Clay
4,500BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
708Red Cloth Table
72,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
678Red Cloth Table Blueprint
17,800,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
598Red Daffodil
430,000FLOWERSUpdated 31d ago
589Red Daisy
430,000FLOWERSUpdated 31d ago
140Red Fire Hydrant
7,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
544Red Firefly Jar
22,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
442Red Flower Pot
9,000BLOCKSUpdated 14d ago
443Red Glass Block
4,000BLOCKSUpdated 17d ago
444Red Glass Pane
3,800BLOCKSUpdated 17d ago
592Red Hyacinth
2,900FLOWERSUpdated 31d ago
325Red Jukebox Disk
800INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
64Red Lantern
38,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
593Red Lily
15,500FLOWERSUpdated 31d ago
709Red Lounge Chair
62,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
679Red Lounge Chair Blueprint
17,300,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
445Red Maple Bush
15,000BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
710Red Picnic Blanket
30,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
680Red Picnic Blanket Blueprint
17,300,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
595Red Rose
667,100,000FLOWERSUpdated 13d ago
446Red Rug
80BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
447Red Sandstone
300BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
450Red Sandstone Brick
1,900BLOCKSUpdated 12d ago
451Red Sandstone Brick Slab
400BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
452Red Sandstone Brick Stair
200BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
448Red Sandstone Slab
200BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
449Red Sandstone Stair
200BLOCKSUpdated 21d ago
990Red Sandstone Totem
230,000TOTEMSUpdated 4d ago
483Red Snapper
20ANIMALSUpdated 31d ago
711Red Sofa
92,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
681Red Sofa Blueprint
19,000,000DECORUpdated 21d ago
571Red Wool
5,400BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
475Regen Potion
6,500COMBATUpdated 21d ago
326Right Conveyer Belt
15,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 9d ago
886Right Conveyor Tier 2
138,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 9d ago
738Rising Phoenix Banner
15,200DECORUpdated 1d ago
951Roasted Carrot
100FOODUpdated 38d ago
952Roasted Honey Carrot
500FOODUpdated 38d ago
327Rod Factory Mold
1,100,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 8d ago
520,000MINERALSUpdated 1d ago
722Ruby Block
2,000,000BLOCKSUpdated today
536Ruby Skorp Scale
4,700MISCUpdated 14d ago
721Ruby Staff
6,300,000COMBATUpdated 3d ago
537Ruby Stinger
11,700MISCUpdated 14d ago
8,000ANIMALSUpdated 15d ago
6BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
90BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
724Sandstone Brick
400BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
726Sandstone Brick Slab
200BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
725Sandstone Brick Stairs
200BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
727Sandstone Slab
200BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
728Sandstone Stair
300BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
991Sandstone Totem
230,000TOTEMSUpdated 4d ago
891Sapling Automatic Planter
540,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
400INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
540,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
875Scarecrow Trophy
2,600,000DECORUpdated 11d ago
366Scratching Post
2,400ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
454Sea Grass
7BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
455Sea Lantern
23,000BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
171Sensor Conveyor
87,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 8d ago
2,500ANIMALSUpdated 30d ago
4,700ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
368Sheep Egg Tier 1
6,300ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
369Sheep Egg Tier 2
80,000ANIMALSUpdated 32d ago
370Sheep Egg Tier 3
1,000,000ANIMALSUpdated 32d ago
141Ship in a Bottle
2,300DECORUpdated 32d ago
719Shipwreck Podium
920,000DECORUpdated 2d ago
800TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
4,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
200BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
457Slate Brick
1,200BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
458Slate Brick Stair
200BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
459Slate Slab
200BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
460Slate Stair
100BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
790Slate Totem
25,000TOTEMSUpdated 27d ago
160Slime Portal
770,000MISCUpdated 1d ago
538Slime Shard
630,000MISCUpdated 3d ago
329Small Chest
1,700INDUSTRIALUpdated 14d ago
142Small Display Case
11,000DECORUpdated 8d ago
548Small Firework
500COMBATUpdated 25d ago
143Small Fish Tank
63,000DECORUpdated 14d ago
330Small Furnace
800INDUSTRIALUpdated 31d ago
764Smooth Aquamarine
2,200BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
767Smooth Aquamarine Brick
4,500BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
768Smooth Aquamarine Brick Slab
2,200BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
769Smooth Aquamarine Brick Stair
2,300BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
765Smooth Aquamarine Slab
1,100BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
766Smooth Aquamarine Stair
1,300BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
758Smooth Red Sandstone
1,000BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
761Smooth Red Sandstone Brick
1,400BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
762Smooth Red Sandstone Brick Slab
800BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
763Smooth Red Sandstone Brick Stair
700BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
759Smooth Red Sandstone Slab
500BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
760Smooth Red Sandstone Stair
500BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
770Smooth Sandstone
500BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
773Smooth Sandstone Brick
1,000BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
774Smooth Sandstone Brick Slab
500BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
775Smooth Sandstone Brick Stair
500BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
771Smooth Sandstone Slab
300BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
772Smooth Sandstone Stair
300BLOCKSUpdated 10d ago
4,900BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
144Snow Globe
7,000,000DECORUpdated 6d ago
2,100COMBATUpdated 32d ago
214Snowball Machine
80,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
741Snowflake Banner
16,300DECORUpdated 31d ago
743Sol Banner
13,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
172Solar Panel
120,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
742Spark Banner
25,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
173Spawn Block
9,300MISCUpdated 8d ago
36,000COMBATUpdated 19d ago
20Spellbook Page
10,500COMBATUpdated 14d ago
65Spherical Ceiling Light
3,300DECORUpdated 32d ago
20CROPSUpdated 31d ago
551Spinach Seed
500CROPSUpdated 31d ago
806Spirit Bench
300,000DECORUpdated 19d ago
813Spirit Crystal
1,500MINERALSUpdated today
947Spirit Fence
1,400BLOCKSUpdated 37d ago
804Spirit Fish
900ANIMALSUpdated 19d ago
807Spirit Flower Pot
240,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
808Spirit Flower Vase
310,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
800Spirit Jar Light
430,000DECORUpdated 8d ago
809Spirit Lantern
690,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
932Spirit Pallet
6,200LUMBERUpdated 39d ago
869Spirit Plank
1,000BLOCKSUpdated 14d ago
810Spirit Plant
290,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
802Spirit Sapling
96,000LUMBERUpdated 1d ago
814Spirit Seed
250,000CROPSUpdated 1d ago
868Spirit Sign
500DECORUpdated 30d ago
811Spirit Statue
1,700,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
801Spirit Stool
290,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
812Spirit Table
360,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
803Spirit Wood
800LUMBERUpdated 14d ago
174Split Conveyor
49,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
23,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
35,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
13Staff of Godzilla
1,200,000COMBATUpdated 2d ago
145Star Light
4,700DECORUpdated 32d ago
60CROPSUpdated 32d ago
287Starfruit Cake
400FOODUpdated 32d ago
253Starfruit Seeds
70,000CROPSUpdated 8d ago
500Starfruit Totem
145,000TOTEMSUpdated 31d ago
21Static Scepter
5,900,000COMBATUpdated 1d ago
176Steam Generator
830,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
49Steel Bolt
12,000MINERALSUpdated 1d ago
50Steel Ingot
700MINERALSUpdated 6d ago
332Steel Mill
117,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
51Steel Plate
47,000MINERALSUpdated today
333Steel Press
1,200,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
52Steel Rod
15,300MINERALSUpdated 1d ago
10BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
215Stone Axe
100TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
463Stone Brick
50BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
464Stone Brick Slab
20BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
465Stone Brick Stair
400BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
216Stone Pickaxe
100TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
217Stone Sickle
500TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
856Stone Sword
3,700COMBATUpdated 4d ago
501Stone Totem
1,500TOTEMSUpdated 27d ago
1,500INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
66Street Lamp
4,700DECORUpdated 32d ago
476Strength Potion
7,000COMBATUpdated 31d ago
717Stripe Blue Beach Towel
28,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
682Stripe Blue Beach Towel Blueprint
19,500,000DECORUpdated 4d ago
712Stripe Red Beach Towel
27,000DECORUpdated 7d ago
683Stripe Red Beach Towel Blueprint
18,300,000DECORUpdated 33d ago
713Summer Cooler
19,300DECORUpdated 1d ago
684Summer Cooler Blueprint
18,300,000DECORUpdated 33d ago
14,700INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
800ANIMALSUpdated 26d ago
100ANIMALSUpdated 31d ago
552Tall Grass
20BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
146Tall Lantern
11,300DECORUpdated 32d ago
147Tall Snowman
64,700,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
30,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 30d ago
466Teal Coral
30BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
491Test Blueprint
27,000DECORUpdated 14d ago
493Test Totem
98,000TOTEMSUpdated 14d ago
828The Captain's Rapier
54,200,000COMBATUpdated today
961The Dragonslayer
4,800,000COMBATUpdated 3d ago
734The Eye Banner
41,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
148The Witches Trophy
3,200,000DECORUpdated 2d ago
149Tidal Aquarium
55,000,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
22Tidal Spellbook
31,000COMBATUpdated 3d ago
23Tidal Spellbook Blueprint
590,000COMBATUpdated 1d ago
896Tier 4 Workbench
11,000,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 1d ago
1005Timed Input-Output Chest
5,500,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 4d ago
23,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 8d ago
2,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
10CROPSUpdated 32d ago
288Tomato Sauce
70FOODUpdated 32d ago
255Tomato Seeds
200CROPSUpdated 28d ago
289Tomato Soup
200FOODUpdated 32d ago
502Tomato Totem
3,600TOTEMSUpdated 27d ago
153Tool Stand
7,500DECORUpdated 32d ago
200DECORUpdated 1d ago
179Totem Disabler
220,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
843Treasure Chest
780,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
890Tree Fruit Shaker
320,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
218Tree Stump
400TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
2,033,000,000MISCUpdated 25d ago
28,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 16d ago
30ANIMALSUpdated 31d ago
371Truffle Barrel
40,000ANIMALSUpdated 32d ago
29,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
685Umbrella Blueprint
18,300,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
715Umbrella Table
68,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
686Umbrella Table Blueprint
17,500,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
290Uncooked Apple Pie
300FOODUpdated 32d ago
291Uncooked Pizza
100FOODUpdated 32d ago
292Uncooked Starfruit Cake
200FOODUpdated 32d ago
24Vamp Bow
28,000COMBATUpdated 1d ago
25Vamp Bow Blueprint
670,000COMBATUpdated 3d ago
336Vending Machine
68,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
913Vending Machine Tier 2
22,800,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 3d ago
68Wall Lamp
900DECORUpdated 32d ago
7,700DECORUpdated 32d ago
735Warrior Banner
15,700DECORUpdated 31d ago
337Washing Station
230,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
338Water Barrel
22,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
746Water Bucket
100ANIMALSUpdated 31d ago
339Water Catcher
7,500INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
152Water Fountain
1,000DECORUpdated 32d ago
340Water Jug
300INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
219Watering Can
1,300TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
100CROPSUpdated 3d ago
257Watermelon Seeds
850,000CROPSUpdated 1d ago
792Watermelon Totem
16,000TOTEMSUpdated 24d ago
3,800DECORUpdated 32d ago
7CROPSUpdated 32d ago
259Wheat Seeds
100CROPSUpdated 32d ago
503Wheat Totem
2,700TOTEMSUpdated 27d ago
561White Clay
3,900BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
584White Daffodil
4,400FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
585White Daisy
3,800FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
588White Hibiscus
4,200FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
755White Rabbit
6,500ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
581White Rose
Referenced in the game but not obtainable currently.
1,267,000,000FLOWERSUpdated today
716White Rug
45,000DECORUpdated 7d ago
687White Rug Blueprint
19,200,000DECORUpdated 1d ago
373White Truffle
72,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
155Wide Snowman
90,000,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
490Winter Trophy
1,000,000,000DECORUpdated 13d ago
220Wire Tool
3,700TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
159Wizard Portal
3,600,000MISCUpdated 3d ago
539Wizard Shard
3,300,000MISCUpdated 3d ago
221Wooden Axe
60TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 32d ago
156Wooden Bench
3,300DECORUpdated 14d ago
936Wooden Chair
13,000DECORUpdated 40d ago
222Wooden Fishing Rod
1,800TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 8d ago
69Wooden Lamp
3,700DECORUpdated 32d ago
223Wooden Pickaxe
60TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 32d ago
938Wooden Stool
13,000DECORUpdated 40d ago
26Wooden Sword
400COMBATUpdated 4d ago
937Wooden Table
13,700DECORUpdated 38d ago
372Wooden Trough
5,700ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
4,300ANIMALSUpdated 27d ago
323Wool Vacuum
750,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 1d ago
224Workbench Tier 2
35,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 10d ago
225Workbench Tier 3
152,000TOOLS & BENCHESUpdated 14d ago
7,000,000DECORUpdated 3d ago
180Xor Gate
21,000INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
467Yellow Bush
13,500BLOCKSUpdated 2d ago
468Yellow Carpet
1,400BLOCKSUpdated today
564Yellow Clay
3,800BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
469Yellow Coral
30BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
613Yellow Daffodil
4,300FLOWERSUpdated 1d ago
607Yellow Daisy
450,000FLOWERSUpdated 31d ago
545Yellow Firefly Jar
600ANIMALSUpdated 2d ago
470Yellow Flower Pot
8,300BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
375Yellow Frog
12,500,000ANIMALSUpdated 1d ago
471Yellow Glass Block
3,800BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
472Yellow Glass Pane
5,300BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago
611Yellow Hyacinth
430,000FLOWERSUpdated 31d ago
341Yellow Jukebox Disk
2,700INDUSTRIALUpdated 32d ago
610Yellow Lily
16,300FLOWERSUpdated 31d ago
473Yellow Maple Bush
15,000BLOCKSUpdated 31d ago
572Yellow Wool
4,700BLOCKSUpdated 1d ago


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